Distance Education

Our goal for distance learning will be to mirror a typical in-person school day as closely as possible. To help accomplish that goal, we have set forth the following expectations for teachers and students:

  • course will have a ‘live’ (synchronous) component using Zoom.

  • Classes will begin on time and current policies around turning in work will be maintained.

  • All classes will be recorded by teachers. Students, parents, and guardians are not permitted to record, or screenshot Zoom meetings.

  • Students should give their best effort, exhibit their best online class behavior, and attend classes regularly, health permitting.

  • Students must abide by the Honor Code and submit original work.

  • To protect the privacy of community members, students and parents/guardians may not record classes or post materials to any social media platform from an EPS class. This includes screenshots, photos, videos, or files of any type.

  • Students will use Canvas, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, must use Chrome or Firefox as their browser, and they must be logged in with their school account.

  • Students are expected to be courteous and respectful online and adhere to the technology code of conduct which they agreed to when they signed the handbook at the beginning of the year.


  • Establish routines and expectations for your child.

  • Take an active role in your child’s learning. Assist them in logging into the device and various applications and walk them through instructions when needed.

  • The lessons posted are intended for students to tackle independently or with teacher’s help, just as they would at school. While these students may need support accessing online materials, we encourage you to let your child work autonomously on the academic lessons and to direct questions to the teachers.

  • Create a comfortable, distraction-free place to work.

  • Partner with your child’s teachers and reach out should any challenges arise.

  • Help your child to plan and turn in their work and keep them focused and on task.

Middle and High School

  • Help your children manage their online learning by encouraging them to attend all classes and finish all assignments.

  • Create a comfortable, distraction-free place for your children to work and attend online classes.

  • Do not join your children’s online classes or be visible on your children’s screens during classes.

  • Encourage your children to incorporate physical activity and healthy breaks from classes during the day, while practicing responsible social distancing.

  • Give your best effort and best online class behavior.

  • You are expected to attend your classes unless your parent or guardian notifies the administration that you are sick. Teachers will take attendance at the beginning of each class.

  • Stay in contact (your teachers and advisors will be checking their email during the week daily during school days).

Additional expectations for students and teachers for video conferencing via Zoom:

  • Ensure that the surroundings are free from noises and distractions.

  • Students should enter the room with video turned on and microphone turned off. Do not use virtual backgrounds or other names besides your own in video identification.

  • Teachers will provide other guidelines at their discretion regarding use of the chat and hand-raising feature and may communicate other expectations regarding participation.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

In the Middle and Upper School, please contact individual teachers if you have concerns about classwork. In the Lower School, your first point of contact should be homeroom teachers. If you have a technology related issue, please email our Technology Department at dmiret@edisonprivateschool.com or (786) 543-8870.

How will the School ensure that my child has continuity of learning?

Teachers and school leaders have worked closely to finalize a distance learning plan that will ensure continuity of learning. Utilizing Canvas (our Learning Management System for K-12) and other technology platforms, like email and video conferencing, our teachers will remain in contact with every student with an open line of communication to parents.

If my child is sick on a distance learning day, what should my family do?

Just like on a normal school day, a parent should notify administration if their child is sick. Because all of the classes are being recorded and archived through the end of the school year, students will have the opportunity to watch classes at a later time when they are feeling better to catch up without having missed that classroom instruction.

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