Enrichment Classes (embedded into our curriculum)  

Our enrichment classes (offered from preschool through 8th grade) help children build confidence and maturity and allow them to further explore their interests in a particular area. These classes further help to develop their character, resilience, and motivation and encourage them to pursue wider goals. 


From crayons to acrylics, our students explore the world of Art and are motivated to express themselves through their creativity and imagination. 


Students from PK3 – 8th grade are provided age-appropriate computer knowledge including typing, coding, and more. 


Students are provided a plethora of digital books that they can choose from on their level and incentives from their teachers to ensure our students are reading and growing!  

Physical Education 

Students are provided with opportunities to learn about physical fitness, various sports, and intangibles such as sportsmanship and more. 

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