The use of technology at Edison Private School ensures that the learning experience is one in which students are active, engaged, and focused on creation and discovery. From the use of laptops and iPads throughout the curriculum for everything from coding to research, to the programming courses taken by middle school students and to the use of software to collect and analyze data in science classes, technology is woven throughout the academic program. 

 In the sixth grade, all students start to explore computer programming and robotics basics, learn the resources available to them in the library and elsewhere on campus and discuss digital citizenship. Laptops and iPads are available for use throughout the campus, enabling students to access research, software, and apps to properly collaborate in and submit work on Canvas and Microsoft 365. Interactive, adaptive teaching tools like iReady, Achieve 3000, and Khan Academy help students individualize their learning to ensure they are spending time where it is needed most. 

Teachers and students are empowered to utilize whatever technologies help them think and learn, but Edison Private School does not emphasize technological trends over tradition. We are proud of how our faculty and students explore the use of new technologies to help them connect with information and each other and create new ideas in the spirit of a pedagogy of inquiry that has prevailed on our campus for more than 50 years. 



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