At the heart of each student’s academic journey at Edison Private School is what he or she learns.

The content, skills, and experiences (in-person and virtual) - that is the Edison Private School’s curriculum.

Foundational to the Edison Private School’s curriculum are the core subjects of English, Foreign Language, Health and Physical Education, History, Mathematics, Technology, and Physical Education. Research shows that teaching each of these subjects across all divisions and academic subjects is critical for deeper learning. It is why our academic department heads, our principal, assistant principal as well as our three division heads, formally review the curriculum to help ensure that Edison Private School is providing the most challenging and innovative curriculum that prepares each individual student to not only become confident, efficient, and independent learners but to also become successful college students and adults.

Edison Private School commitment to Academic Excellence balances foundation skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic with independent thinking skills, social and emotional, and the use of technology to deepen learning at each developmental junction of a student’s learning journey.

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