About Edison School

Students are expected to conform to our code of conduct and uniform policy. We have a strict zero-tolerance approach to bullying and harassment and all such incidences will be addressed firmly. 

Student parking is available for our high school students. The school strives to make communication between students and teachers as fluid as possible and provides email addresses for all our staff for this purpose on our website. 

Students are encouraged to take part in various clubs and extra-curricular activities which are open to all. Further information on enrollment is also available on our website. 

For high school students Edison offers formal meetings to discuss the college search process, which begins in the junior year. This encompasses college planning classes, individual student conferences, family conferences, college visits, and mandatory class meeting for students and parents. 

Special attention is placed to help students plan their personal calendar for taking required standardized tests such as the SAT I, SAT II and ACT.


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