About Edison School

An effective school reflects the interests of the community it serves. Edison Private School was founded to provide a blend of Latin and American cultures in a truly bilingual environment. This is achieved by requiring Spanish in elementary through high school and maintaining Hispanic customs and cultural values present in our community.

The faculty and administration strive to maintain an individualized approach to the problems of the students of today. In so doing, the school community seeks to provide a stimulating learning environment that fosters an opportunity for optimum intellectual, ethical, spiritual, and emotional growth. We believe that through consistency in discipline, love and encouragement and a solid academic curriculum, with small classes and individualized attention, we can achieve our goal. We promote positive reinforcement constant communication between teacher and parents and a structured learning environment in order to achieve these goals.

Here at Edison, we believe that self-esteem is the crucial ingredient for the full expression of a person’s potential. We believe in nurturing self-esteem. We encourage learning from experience. We set our expectations high. We do not ask individuals to do more than they are capable of, but consistently stress at all grade levels the importance of careful work and the importance and necessity of pride in their numerous accomplishments. We acknowledge the place of competition. We encourage the development of respect for natural abilities. While we allow people to experience defeat by separating the deed from the doer in all things, we seek to minimize any negative effect on self-esteem that defeat or lack of natural ability in an area might have. We do not believe that it is either necessary or appropriate to inspire unrestrained academic pressure and/or scholastic competition among students. We cultivate the ability to accept success with grace, to cope with defeat or loss with dignity, and to build on the individual’s experiences. We ensure the right to choose whether or not to participate in competitive activities, and we stress the principles of good sportsmanship.

Furthermore, the school community endeavors to serve this community through cooperative efforts, which will nurture within each person a cohesive body of knowledge. The individual should then develop the ability to use and apply such knowledge in order to meet the challenge of forging a life that is both successful and rewarding to that individual and society.

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