About Edison School

Before a student is admitted to our school the following must be completed

  • Document of academic standing. (School transcript, report cards, standardized testing, psychological evaluations)
  • Release of Records form completed
  • Health record. (Immunization dates, doctor’s certificate.) Florida law requires all students enrolled in school to have a Certificate of Immunization. This form may be secured from the Dade County Health Department or at the child’s personal Physician’s office. Students will not be allowed in school without an updated immunization form and a signed statement from a Licensed Physician. (FL. Dept. of Health Forms #680 and #3040).
  • Entrance/Placement Examination. (See “Schedule of Fees”)
  • For new students applying for High School, two letters of recommendation will be required.
  • Principal will interview student individually and then will hold conference with parent/guardian.
  • Review of academic standing by Principal.
  • Result of these combined evaluations will determine eligibility. Final decisions regarding admission are made by the Principal.

Once student admission has been approved, the following items are necessary

  • Copy of Student’s Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, and Driver’s License (if applicable).
  • Admission Form completed
  • Annual Financial Agreement must be completed and signed
  • Registration fee paid
  • Emergency Contact & Medication forms completed
  • Note: For Individualized Learning Program please inquire at the Administration Office.

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